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Made Babes is a US based talent agency for ambitious beautiful women. We provide the infrastructure, security, and marketing for your Camming, Private Offerings, and OnlyFans to strive in this digital age.

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Take yourself to the next level

As a digital marketing and talent management agency, we provide the tools, resources, and knowledge to take you to the next level.


Awesome Design

Graphic Artists at your disposable making sure your content, and personal brand is looking its best. Studies show the more put together and cohesive a page is, the more people are willing to spend.

Hired Hands

Do not want to constantly reply to every message, enlist the help of our hired hands to take the load off.

Extreme Security

Top tips and security audits for you ensuring personal information stays personal.

Web Automation

So many places to post, so much effort required. Don't worry. We have software built to auto postings on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, and more.

The Made Babes Promise
The Made Babes Promise

The Made Babes Promise

Do less, and make more.

Tap into the agency benefit. Customers enjoy the very intimate experience of talking and chatting with yourself without feeling like you are only doing so because you are paid. 

By being signed, you have a fallback plan. “I’m sorry, I would talk to you anyways but my management company requires I have it paid, I could be fired if I break the rules”

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While we would LOVE to help all the beautiful applicants, we would not be able to provide the level of service we are proud of, for every applicant. It’s good to know that we work with individuals who are not just beautiful on the outside, but within as well.

Every Made Babes is paired up with a Made Babes Guardian, they are trained in our on-boarding process and act as a personal assistant to each Made Babes. If accepted, your Made Babes Guardian will assist in making sure our MadeBbes's are safe, secure, and confident. They will help keep your private information safe from online hackers and act as a direct support agent for any questions or concerns you have. We have a 0 tolerance policy for any unwanted sexual misconduct from fans and will take strong action against threats, and unwanted advances from the variety of customers the digital female market attracts. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standard with marks achieved as an accredited Dun & Bradstreet company. Made Babes are also given the contact info for a senior advisor of the company to report any misconduct from their MadeBabesGuardian. This has not been a problem for us, as our Dime Guardian's intentions are strictly vetted but we have the checks and balances for multiple backups of safety if it ever is to occur.

Our methods are secret! We do not want to saturate the market, and every accepted applicant must sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Act) and NCA (Non-Compete Act) to protect ourselves from losing our proprietary methods and software.

MadeBabes is female oriented. We have mastered marketing to straight male-markets and our capabilities would not be as effective for the amazing male bodies out there!

Applicants will be informed of their denial or our continued interest in them within a week of their submission.

US based digital marketing and management agency.

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